People who think and see the world differently have the potential to bring huge value and diversity of thinking to society, but also face a complex and overlapping set of challenges. Many people often have more than one neurodevelopmental or mental health condition, yet we still live in a system set up to look at one at a time.

Our Mission

Embracing Complexity brings together organisations working to improve the lives of people with neurodevelopmental conditions. By thinking differently about how we campaign, fund research and offer support, we can improve lives faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

Call to Action

We are calling on government, charities, research funders, public services, industry and society to help people living with NDCs achieve the best outcomes, by starting to work together more effectively

We need greater investment, integration, research, and involvement of people with NDCs, to provide the right support across the life span

It is critical to tackle stigma, improve outcomes, boost awareness and seek opportunities to accelerate action and impact

Who Are We?

The Embracing Complexity coalition is formed of leading UK neurodevelopmental condition and mental health charities.

Embracing Complexity in Diagnosis

Most people with neurodevelopmental conditions have more than one. But they face years of long waiting lists and multiple referrals to get all the right diagnoses.

Our new report highlights four services which aim to change that and explores what we can learn when building multi-neurodevelopmental services for the future.

Embracing Complexity: Towards New Approaches for Supporting People with Neurodevelopmental Conditions Report

Download and read our first report that shares the lived experience of over 500 people living with NDCs. The report calls for improvements in:







Show Your Support!

We are calling on you to #EmbraceComplexity!

To show your support, download the ‘I Embrace Complexity’ board, take a selfie, and post your personal commitment to embracing complexity on Twitter.

Together, we can tackle stigma, improve outcomes, boost awareness and create a future where people with neurodevelopmental conditions and their families enjoy the same opportunities and experiences as the rest of society.