Webinar: Trauma and NDCs

26 May 2021

Experts discuss the links between neurodevelopmental conditions and adverse childhood experiences, and how we can support those who think differently.

In our first webinar, researchers, charities and experts by experience discuss the links between trauma and neurodevelopmental conditions.

People with neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs) are more likely to face adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). For some, the effects of trauma can complicate or overshadow neurodiverse traits, making it harder to get a diagnosis and the right support.

Together with University of Glasgow's ACE Centre, we're hosting a webinar panel discussion to explore these connections on Wednesday 26 May at 6pm (UK time).

The panel includes:

  • Professor Helen Minnis, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Jason Lang, Honorary Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Registrar, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO, ADHD Foundation
  • Dr Alan Price, Research Fellow focusing on FASD and trauma, University of Salford