Our recommendations for change across diagnosis, support and research

COVID Complexity

Many people with neurodevelopmental conditions have been hit exceptionally hard by the COVID-19 pandemic - and for most, little changed as the first lockdown eased. At the same time, remote participation has enabled some to thrive.

Our survey of 160 people with NDCs, relatives and carers highlights why the post-pandemic world must do more to support all people with NDCs.

Embracing Complexity in Diagnosis

Most people with neurodevelopmental conditions have more than one. But they face years of long waiting lists and multiple referrals to get all the right diagnoses.

This report highlights four services which aim to change that and explores what we can learn when building multi-neurodevelopmental services for the future.

Embracing Complexity: Towards New Approaches for Supporting People with Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Download and read our first report that shares the lived experience of over 500 people with NDCs and families. The report calls for improvements in:

  • Diagnosis
  • Support
  • Research